Self-Reliance – TheFreeDictionary.com defines this as: “Reliance on one’s own capabilities, judgment, or resources; independence.”

As women we have to be self-reliant for so many different reasons.  During World War II our grandfathers were sent off to fight, this required our grandmothers to start relying on themselves.  The bills still had to be paid and a household still had to run.  In addition to the normal responsibilities of a women back in those days, the war effort also needed women.  Many women took jobs in factories that produced munitions and war supplies.

Time moved on and others reasons required women to be self-reliant, such as the death of a husband.  As of late, divorce rates have skyrocketed leaving women once again to be self-reliant.

We use “Rosie the Riveter” as a mascot, not because we are feminists… to the contrary.  We use Rosie as  a representation of what women can do when we have to.  This site is about women helping women during those times when our special man is unavailable or non-existent.  For that matter ladies, even when we do have that special man in our lives, we should still be self-reliant to an extent.  A man cannot be expected to be all things at all times or be in the same place you are at all times.  As women, you and I must be able to take care of ourselves if needed.

The goal of this site  is provide ideas, thoughts and encouragement on how to be self-reliant, aware and confident.  We plan to include videos and guest posts from both men and women.  On top of the blog posts, we plan on creating a forum as well as a YouTube channel.  We all need the support of each other.

Topics will be wide, from day-to-day survival, you know the type, laundry, grocery shopping, meal planning, budgeting and more.  It will also include the not so normal girl stuff like mowing the lawn, unclogging a toilet, and the like. Plus, how to be self-reliant in case of disasters like hurricane’s or other unexpected emergencies….yep, you have got to prepare if you are going to be self-reliant.

Who is Prudence?

I am a Christian lady, a shepherdess not a sheep. I am a certified life coach as well as a certified money management coach. I firmly believe that all women should have a special man in their life, however, not all of us do, either from death of a spouse, divorce or just unlucky in love. My goal in writing is to coach, mentor and encourage you to be strong, confident, prepared and able to take care of yourself, family and friends in all types of situations. My posts are written in hopes that you, will be a shepherdess to those around you, the person that others come to in a time of trouble. I will touch on things like;  disaster planning, finances, job loss, safety, security, do-it-yourself projects around the house and more, all to help you be better prepared and confident.

Ladies,  you know as well as I do, we are masters in many things in life and service…we get tired and overwhelmed…..this site is to encourage you and remind you that you are not alone especially in your lowest times.

Above all else, the key to self-reliance is full reliance on Christ Jesus.

With Faith in HIM,

and Always Vigil

Prudence ~~