MRE For Lunch


Some may think that a MRE or Meal Ready To Eat, is something that you have in case of a disaster or during a some sort of survival situation. Those who say that would be correct. MRE's, however, can be eaten for any occasion, such as a MRE for lunch. Let me explain. As any good prepared individual, I always have a few MRE's in my vehicle. I mean, who knows when you may be stranded overnight in your car for what ever reason, or may be stuck at work for longer than you plan or have to shelter in place for a period of time. For whatever the reason, I think it is always a good idea to have some type of food in your vehicle at all times since you are usually in your car or very near to it. Well, the other day, I had a bad experience at a near by fast food restaurant for lunch, the king of burgers, if you know what I mean, wasn't running ... [ Read More ]