Test Your Gear


We have all heard it. Test your gear; make sure you know how to use it and that it works when you need it. This weekend I experienced this first hand with something that I “thought” would work and didn’t need testing. It was a simple Berkey Sport bottle.  I keep one in both cars as part of my get home bag system.  When I purchased the bottles, I just put them in the cars, after all, it is a simple bottle with a filter and a straw right? Well, the instructions actually state you should flush out the filter before using by filling the bottle with clean water and flushing it through the filter.  You should do this twice.  I knew this when I purchased them, but, I thought if I did that, then put them in a hot car; they might grow musty or moldy since the filter would be wet.  My thought process was good, but it was also a fail because I ... [ Read More ]