Learning To Eat To Live Not Living To Eat


Food, let's face it, the majority of us have as much as we want, the type we want, and when we want it.  Yesterday for lunch I had chicken fingers and French fries. Granted, by no means is this a healthy lunch. On a normal day it may taste good, but even when good, it would not be considered good for you, but then again, this post isn't about eating healthy, it is about eating what you have in front of you. The chicken fingers were dried out, nearly consisting of chicken jerky covered in a fried breading. The French fries were barely cook, by that, they were no longer frozen, slightly warm, but by no means could they be considered French fries. I had ordered the meal (such as it was) through take out at a local business cafeteria, so taking the meal back would have been more inconvenient than it was worth. Today for breakfast I ... [ Read More ]