18 Over the Counter Meds You Should Always Have On Hand


Most likely there isn’t a person reading this that doesn’t have a bottle of aspirin or acetaminophen, most commonly known as Tylenol, in the house. Chances are you even have some ibuprofen which sells under the name of Advil or Motrin. We have this because from time to time we have all suffered some sort of ache and pain. Do you have something in the house to handle an allergic reaction? What about something to handle a sudden bout of diarrhea? It is very important to insure you have a good stock of the following OTC or over the counter, medications or treatments in the house, in your bug out bag, your get home bag. Many of these items should also be carried as part of your EDC (everyday carry). Always be prepared with: Aspirin – pain relief and fever reduction, some take it in small does for heart health Acetaminophen – pain relief and ... [ Read More ]