The Shelter In Place Bag


 Bags. Those of us who like to be prepared have bags. You have a BOB or Bug Out Bag. You have a Get Home Bag, but do you have a Shelter In Place Bag? I be you do not, but you should. Personally, I think this type of bag is just as important as the others, if not more important than the bug out bag because I think chances you will have to shelter in place are higher than you actually having to bug out. Most of us are away from our home nine to 12 hours a day maybe more. That time is usually spent at your place of employment.  Lately, my place of employment actually put signs up in the restroom stating "This is your home away from home, help keep it clean".  Now, I can assure you I do NOT consider my place of employment my home away from home, it is, for the time being a necessary evil.  The reality is, if something bad were to happen, ... [ Read More ]