How To Survive Violence…Avoid It


We are living in a very volatile world. People are stress out. Mom’s and Dad’s are both working and the kids are being raised by strangers in day care. Because of this they really have not had any solid foundation of home life or in many cases not been taught right from wrong. They have instead been taught, free expression and been told that no one can tell them “no”. Now, we are getting to a point where all these day care raised kids are growing up, in high school and early 20’s and it appears it does not take much to get someone ticked off and turn a small situation into a violent one. Of course I am not talking about everyone who was raised in day care, I am generalizing. (isn’t it sad I have to even make that statement?) Lack of Biblical training is another cause for the volatile world we live in. Every since prayer was removed ... [ Read More ]